Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Truth Serum

Coffee beans pebble and mound in the grinder lid. Six buzz times. They whirl. Beans, pebbles, grind, pour, fill, drip, perk, drink. Morning coffee I carry like a liquid offering to altars. Chair, computer. I persuade my spouse to visit a local coffee house where I prepare out two coffee mugs we carry in. Holiday brew, turbinado sugar, and for a treat, half and half. I carry two mugs like an altar girl, forget to bow, and lower them.

We sip and enjoy the prairie bread with butter and no jam. We talk.

Within the year, we may have to leave one state for another given our current state of unemployment. I scream within that we need to leave. During the coming year, if I stay unemployed, I will finish another murder mystery novel and prepare for gardening. My high priest of a spouse decides we need to stay, to give us two chances in two different states to seek employment. My reaction is employment at this point may be a waste of time, and let’s try raising our own food, acquire chickens if necessary, and learn to live a sustainable life, using several role models as a guide. My spouse wants to give our adult child several months to save money from his own part time job. I sip coffee and squelch my thoughts. So be it.

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