Thursday, January 28, 2016

Attila from 24January2016 Performance

Well done performance.Teatro Comunale Bologna assembled a great creative team. If you search Google for Bologna, Italy, wow, beautiful location. Il Re's entrance! Link to the high resolution recording:

Ildebrando D'Arcangelo's solo and encore on Youtube; you may have to cut-and-paste into your browser:

A well done entrance. Much better to let the orchestra tower and then Attila walks in, preferable to Attila arriving standing on top of a tower, war memorial, or Trojan Horse . The production team make good use of the darkness at the back of the stage. Mysterious. Invites the audience to use their imagination: what is back there?

Update: Full length version on Youtube; you may have to cut-and-paste the link into your browser:

Previous: Youtube Link: Removed, copyright claim; however, there are many RAI broadcasts on Youtube, so the copyright strike might be removed in the future and the 2016 version restored to Youtube. Perhaps this version will be released commercially; it is excellent. The transition from Attila as "Il Re" to captive is always tricky. Two men grab his wrists and slip ropes over his wrists (love the assonance). Interesting that one of the men shoves Odabella away Attila, a mini coup-de-grace. The end proceeds within seconds. Odabella stabs Attila in revenge for her father's death.

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