Sunday, May 3, 2015

Annie Proulx Short Story 2014

Published in The New Yorker and then anthologized in The Best American Mystery Stories 2014, guest editor Laura Lippman, editor Otto Penzler, Rough Deeds, the first paragraph:

In New France, which people more and more called Canada, from the old Iroquois word kanata, Duquet was everywhere—examining, prying, measuring, observing, and calculating. Limbs and low-quality hardwood waste became high-quality firewood, and every autumn he packed twenty wagons full for the Kebec market and for Paris, when he could charter available ships with the promise of a good return cargo of tea or coffee or textiles, spices or china. Without the sure promise of a rich return cargo, he thought, let the Parisians freeze, for all he cared.

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