Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CAM Raleigh and North Carolina Opera Excerpt 09Apr2015

I tried and failed to pull open the door; however, a young woman who turned out to be CAM-Raleigh Director said, “it’s open,” and indeed after a harder, stronger pull, the door opened. My visit planning to CAM Raleigh and the North Carolina Opera paid off for getting in the door!

Inside were white walls, concrete floor, floor-to-ceiling glass. The online pictures don’t do the place justice. In the atrium, the baristas were setting up. After appropriating a high table covered with a floor-length black table cloth, its high chair, I hooked my messenger bag over the chair back. “I’m not here to interrupt you, but I need to be an interloper in your space. Thanks for your understanding.” The baristas didn’t object. Although I thought I had brought along a book to read, my black leather messenger bag contained only my journal, so I pulled it out and began journaling. After a few moments setting up while I focused,  concentrating on the deckled journal page, one barista offered a glass of wine. “I like journaling,” he said. I’d found my tribe. He poured a glass of red wine and I thanked him, set the wine glass down, but continued journaling.

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