Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Outlander 2014

By now, Outlander is an international phenomenon. Thanks to Starz, Outlander is finally an adaptation for cable and online viewing. Here is a brief excerpt of the best introduction ever for a major literary character:

“Sounds a bit rude, but not very ghostly,” I observed, draining my glass.  What did he look like?

“Big chap,” said Frank, frowning in recollection.  “And a Scot in complete Highland rig-out, complete to sporran and the most beautiful running stag brooch on his plaid.  I wanted to ask where he’d got it from, but he was off before I could.”

I went to the bureau and poured another drink.  “Well, not so unusual an appearance for these parts, surely? I’ve seen men dressed like that in the village now and then.”

“Nooo . . .” Frank sounded doubtful.  “No, it wasn’t his dress that was odd.  But when he pushed past me, I could swear he was close enough that I should have felt him brush my sleeve—but I didn’t.” 

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